HBO/WO: Chemistry - The effect of crosslinkers on adhesion and scratch resistance of UV inks

Date: 20 Apr 2024

Location: NL

Company: Canon Production Printing


HBO/WO: Chemistry/material science - The effect of crosslinkers on adhesion and scratch resistance of UV-inks
Have you ever wondered how industrial printers work and would you like to work in a professional research centre to produce the next generation of commercial large format printers? Are you and HBO/WO chemist or material scientist and do you want to dive into understanding the interaction between material properties and mechanical properties such as adhesion and scratch resistance? We are looking for you!

Your assignment

Our graphical arts ink jet systems are used to print large posters, banners, window/truck advertising or wallpaper and many more. In our print process a reactive ink is first printed and then cured by UV light, turning the liquid ink into a solid plastic onto the media.

Your assignment will be to help us better understand the effect and mechanism of crosslinker type/content on mechanical properties such as adhesion on media and scratch resistance of the cured UV-ink. First the focus will lay on evaluating crosslinkers with a similar chemical backbone and functionality but different spacer lengths. Subsequently, crosslinkers with higher functionalities will be investigated and acrylate conversions will be determined. However, the specifics of your assignment can be tuned to your personal interests (e.g. more focus on scientific literature research or experimental work).

Your internship is part of a large, varied and multicultural UV-ink team who will guide you with understanding the topic and help you becoming a better researcher. You will start with lab scale experiments and when successful you can test your developed inks on our large format printers. You will have the freedom to define your own focus and explore different parts of the company, making this a great opportunity to do research in an industrial environment on a subject that matters.

Your profile

  • You are currently studying chemistry or a related topic at HBO or WO level
  • You enjoy experimental work and want to develop a deeper understanding of a UV-ink system
  • The duration of the project is approximately 4 to 7 months


What’s in it for you?

  • A challenging assignment with skilled coaching
  • Internship/ Graduation compensation up to €500,- per month
  • Travel cost compensation if you don’t have an ‘OV-weekcard’
  • The possibility to network with professionals inside and outside your field of expertise, thanks to our diversity of disciplines which you will work with
  • With our company values collaboration, innovation and ownership, we strive to bring out the best in each other, expand boundaries and feel empowered to take ownership of our work.


Are you interested in this assignment? Please click on the button 'apply now' at the top on the page where you can upload your resume and motivation letter. If you would like to receive more information concerning this assignment, please contact Joey Kloos (internship supervisor), If you have any questions about the internship in general, please contact Milou Geelen, + 31 6 25653192


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